Nutritional Therapy

Safe, effective nutrition and lifestyle solutions, personally tailored for your unique health needs

Nutritional therapy

Many health conditions are diet and lifestyle related and therefore nutritional therapy can have a big impact.
I’m delighted you are keen to find out what it can do for you. If you are ready to put yourself first, take control of your health and commit to some changes, read on.

I aim to help you to reach your full health potential. I do not diagnose or treat diseases or advise you to stop taking medication. Nutritional Therapy does not aim to replace conventional medical care and I will collaborate with your GP or other health professionals involved in your care if appropriate, and with your consent.

I am trained to consider your full health history, diet and lifestyle using a Functional Medicine approach. This is highly personalised and looks at how you are functioning in all aspects of your health and explains how health issues can be interrelated. Sometimes stressful life events, unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor eating habits can result in nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, causing chronic symptoms of ill health.

Together we will work on bringing your body back to balance. Identifying and addressing the root causes of your health issues are an important part of the process. I will support and coach you to nourish yourself according to your body’s needs and to address lifestyle issues that might be holding you back. It is beneficial to have more than one appointment to gain from the support I offer, which will help you to keep on track and progress towards your health goals. If you commit to change you will reap the benefits.


Initial package (2 appointments) – £200
Further appointments – £70

Confidential support to help you reach your health goals

What to expect:

• Confidential supportive and non judgmental one to one consultations either at my clinic or in the privacy of your own home via Skype or telephone
• Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire
• The first consultation will discuss your health history, diet and health goals
• Health, dietary and lifestyle analysis (using the functional medicine approach outlined above) including explanation of potential nutritional deficiencies and imbalances
• A personal action plan to optimise your health with achievable and practical food and lifestyle recommendations
• The initial package fee includes time spent preparing and researching your case to offer you the best possible advice and to prepare your personal action plan. Usually your first appointment will run for an hour and a half and the second for one hour. Further appointments are booked for up to forty-five minutes.
• Professional supplement recommendations, if considered helpful
• Collaboration with other medical practitioners involved in your care, if appropriate, and only with your consent
• My commitment to giving you a professional service

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Nutritional Therapy - Apples and healthy green juice

Laboratory testing may be recommended such as stool analysis, hormone or nutrient profiles. These can provide useful additional information including diagnosing nutrient deficiency, and imbalances related to digestive function or hormones. Please note that purchase of tests is optional and at additional cost.

Some private health insurance companies will pay for or towards nutritional therapy consultations. Please check with your individual insurer.


I was struggling with my health and wanted help to understand what role my diet might be playing in this. Shirley helped me to consider what I was eating and the likelihood that my symptoms were connected to my diet and she offered choices about how I could explore this further.

I really liked Shirley’s approach of considering and helping me to reflect on myself as a whole, and looking at what I was eating through this lens. I think she is very good at listening to what you say and not making assumptions. We talked about what I was eating and where my diet was lacking in nutrients and her advice was really tailored to what would work for me and so was very achievable. I now feel confident that I am eating a diet that is able to fuel my body and help it function. Amazingly my old food choices don’t call to me at all, which I think must be a sign that I am doing something right!

Shirley has a gentle, kind manner; she gives a professional and structured service, and as a client I have always felt aware of her genuine desire to help, which is demonstrated in her respectful and caring approach.


I have had digestive symptoms for many years and tried all sorts of things in the past. Shirley is the first therapist who really wanted to listen to all the details. She suggested a stool test, which showed that I had parasites! I was a bit shocked but Shirley explained that they are quite common and outlined the different approaches to getting rid of them. I decided that I wanted to go with the quickest option of antibiotics and Shirley wrote to my doctor with the test result and I was given the treatment I needed. She then suggested lots of ways to make my gut healthy afterwards. This has made a huge difference to me. I can’t thank you enough Shirley.


Shirley is a star. She is very professional and super knowledgeable about food. With Shirley’s help I have discovered that certain foods cause my symptoms of bloating and tiredness. I feel so much better and Shirley’s guidance has been invaluable.


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