Naturally Nourish your Skin

with Tropic Skincare – feed your skin from the outside in

Naturally Nourish your Skin

Our skin, just like our bodies, needs feeding with healthy, nourishing and natural ingredients. Eating well, drinking water, exercising and good quality sleep all have beneficial effects on how your skin looks and feels but what you put on your skin is also essential to consider. This is because what you put on your skin gets absorbed straight into your blood stream. According to the Environmental Working Group , women use an average of 12 skincare or cosmetic products per day, containing 168 different chemicals. All of these chemicals need to be detoxified by our bodies and some may contribute to weight gain and ill health as we age. Men use fewer products, but still put an average 85 chemicals on their bodies.

Switching to fresh, natural and non-toxic skincare products makes perfect sense to reduce your toxic exposure and to naturally nourish your skin. This is something I encourage all my clients to consider and for this reason, I have become an Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skincare, so that I can offer you this healthy, natural and non-toxic alternative to high street and supermarket skincare and cosmetic products. Tropic Skincare has a fantastic range of effective products for men and women, that suit all skin types and they smell beautiful, fresh and natural. There is a full range of products including skincare, bath and body care (including sun care), hair care and make up products. Once you make the switch you won’t want to use anything else.

Tropic Skincare Supergreens oil

Natural, Non-Toxic, Freshly Made, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Tropic Skincare make all their skincare and beauty products using sustainably sourced plants and fruits grown in tropical climates, which benefit from an abundance of sunshine helping them to flourish. Tropic believe that these plants, brimming with powerful active botanicals, are the most nutritious and beneficial for the skin.

I would like to invite you to discover this ethical multi award-winning range of skincare and beauty products, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective and nourishing ingredients that nature has to offer. They are good for you and good for the planet.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Ambassador for Tropic yourself, I would also welcome you contacting me.

Next Steps

Please contact me to discuss your skincare needs or to arrange a free skincare appointment. If you are local to me in South Essex, I can also arrange a Tropic Pamper Experience to show and demonstrate the products to you and your friends in your home. As a host, to thank you for spreading the word on this beautiful skincare range, you will be able to choose some free products.

Take a look at the products on my online shop. You can order online but it is best to contact me directly, especially if you are local, to save on the postage charge or take advantage of any special offers.

Tropic Skincare is Vegan
Tropic Skincare is a force for good
Tropic Skincare is carbon neutral
Tropic Skincare is cruelty free and vegan
Tropic Skincare collection

Disclaimer: ‘I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skincare Ltd.’ 

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