Metabolic Balance

 Evidence based nutrition plan for weight loss, personalised to you.

Metabolic Balance

Welcome to the start of your Metabolic transformation.

Great health starts with knowing which foods YOU need to eat and when! 

Reset your body – A 12 week programme to help you progress, feel better and break down barriers to good health.

Metabolic Balance helps you to:
  • achieve your naturally healthy weight
  • balance your hormones
  • understand & improve your relationship with food
  • reduce inflammation in the body and feel better
  • transform and reset to the health you deserve


 There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and that is why optimum results are only achieved when it is scientifically personalised for you. Metabolic Balance takes into account 36 of your blood markers, your body measurements, any conditions you may have, as well as your food preferences, to formulate a plan just for you. Why?  Because all these factors have a bearing on how your body interacts with the food you eat.

Metabolic Balance plan is individually tailored to your needs and based on scientific research. Originally developed by German doctors, it is now offered internationally including in the UK, being offered by trained medical professionals and registered nutritional therapists. Metabolic Balance has been going for more than 20 years with over 1 million satisfied customers.  

Your personalised plan will teach you:

  • How to lose weight and maintain the loss
  • Which foods are optimal for you
  • How to combine food choices
  • When and how to eat
  • Portion control 
  • Intermittent fasting

Metabolic Balance is a coached three-month plan with seven appointments to support you with your progress through its four phases. There are simple rules to follow and the food plan gives you choices and won’t leave you feeling hungry. The benefits are sustainable in the long term making this the only eating plan you will ever need. It is a healthy and effective way to achieve weight loss without deprivation.  Your plan will include the core principles of healthy eating, understanding the connection between food choices and health, and eating in a way to promote health and prevent disease. We will discuss mindset and limiting beliefs that might hold you back and approaches to help you make the changes needed for you to achieve your health goals. You will develop a new awareness of your body’s relationship with food and its impact on your health.   

Metabolic Balance helps you to achieve your ideal weight, but it is also used by people who want to benefit from its hormone balancing and anti-inflammatory effects. It is not exclusively a weight loss programme. As you progress with your plan, we will aim to measure your success against your personal health goals, which we will discuss and set during your first appointment. Our final consultation will be focused on strategies to ensure that the health benefits you are achieving, are sustainable in the long term. 

Metabolic Balance® apple with a tape measure

Next steps

 Please contact me to arrange a no obligation Discovery Call, so that I can give you more information, answer any questions and discuss how this may help you. You can also learn more about Metabolic Balance at



Please note – I am not currently taking on new clients due to a period of post graduate study. 

 Full programme £895

Returning clients or coaching with existing plan  £495


Included in the full programme:

  • An initial consultation to discuss the programme and take health details and measurements 
  • Blood test at The Doctors’ Laboratory, 55 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YL (fee included) or a phlebotomy service can be sought nearer to your home (additional cost)
  • Full blood chemistry analysis
  • Your individual Metabolic Balance food plan
  • 6 further coaching consultations to guide you through the 4 phases of the 3 month programme plus reasonable email support (Mon-Fri)
  • All appointments are held online via Zoom or FaceTime or via telephone if preferred


A healthy wholefood eating plan, personal to you and your unique health needs – over 1 million satisfied customers worldwide 

Feel ready to commit?  Contact me to arrange your first consultation.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your health goals.



The power of Metabolic Balance, personalised coaching and eating healthy foods 

Shirley has been a brilliant coach, keeping me on track, answering a host of questions and supporting me along the way. She is always calm and approachable.
The foods on my plan suit me so well and I love the structure and simplicity of the plan, which has been really easy to do, even with a family. I feel much more balanced and focused and my digestive symptoms have resolved and I am no longer hugely bloated. I didn’t need to lose weight but I so needed this plan to get me on track with eating the foods that suit me and will keep me healthy. 


 I feel so much lighter, my clothes are much looser and I no longer bulge over my waistband. People have noticed and told me how good I look. Even my nails look amazing! I feel really well, my aches and pains have eased and I’ve had no digestive symptoms, which I have struggled with for years. Shirley is so supportive and has made this really simple for me to achieve and I haven’t felt hungry or deprived.


 I suffer quite badly with PMS, mood swings and sugar cravings. My symptoms have definitely improved. I feel more balanced, my skin is clearer and I am also sleeping better. It’s also been good to get my snacking under control.


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