Live Nourished

Take charge of your diet and feel your best by eating for optimum wellness

live nourished

Take charge of your diet and feel your best by eating for optimum wellness


This is a food-focused programme to help you eat in the best possible way to support your health and foods that your body will love. The media is full of mixed messages about what you should and shouldn’t be eating and it can be confusing to know what a healthy, nourishing diet is. I can help you to cut through the confusion. I will provide you with a personalised plan for healthier eating which is designed to nourish and energise you.

Live Nourished is based on current research looking at the diets of people who live long and healthy lives. It takes elements from the Mediterranean diet and the hunter-gatherer approach (sometimes referred to as the “Paleo” diet), and encourages eating low-glycemic carbohydrates (all will be explained). It will lay the foundations for eating well that will carry you throughout life. You will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current diet and learn how to eat for optimum nutrition and wellness, which will also support your future health.


2 appointments plus 1 coaching call – £160

Nourish your body to support your health

What to expect:

This coaching package includes:
• Two 60 minute consultations (usually 4 weeks apart)
• Dietary analysis identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your existing diet
• A food plan for optimum nutrition and wellness including a weekly planner and recipes
• Simple rules that can make a big difference to your nutrition and digestion
• Cooking advice and guidance
• A coaching call between consultations to answer questions and support you with the changes you are making

Eating healthy fresh nutrient dense food is so important as “we are what we eat!” I want you to get the most nutrition out of your food. Some simple approaches can make a big difference with minimal effort. I have shared some of these approaches to help you to get started together in my free ebook How to Live Nourished.

Please note: Some clients will require a more tailored service because sometimes understanding the basics of healthy eating is not enough. If you have a chronic health condition or food sensitivities then it is best to see me for a Nutritional Therapy consultation, so that your full health history can be considered.


Shirley commits to her clients and she actually cares about you. She’s warm, friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Finding out the healthiest and most conducive way to eat has been an ongoing journey for me but I am without doubt healthier for it.

Shirley’s helped me find good nutrition books to read (because I like reading) and fantastic videos to watch online. She’s really opened up a new world to me, and I’m so much more knowledgeable about my health and nutrition than I used to be. Her style is gentle encouragement. She never pushes you – just informs you, educates you and chats things through with you.

I always look forward to seeing her. Shirley is one of the best decisions I ever made.


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