Bump, Baby and Beyond

Give your baby the best possible start with a well-nourished pregnancy and expert advice on breastfeeding and weaning

Nutrition for  Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Weaning

Pregnancy is the perfect time to smarten up your diet and lifestyle to ensure you are as healthy as possible whilst you make and grow a precious new life. Find out how to be well nourished in pregnancy and to meet your growing bump’s nutritional needs.

Eating well in pregnancy is important to nourish you and the baby. If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, expert advice and supportive coaching can help you through what can be a challenging time. Knowing that you are nourishing yourself and your baby correctly, hugely reduces stress, as well as preparing you nutritionally for the birth and breastfeeding.

The next steps of weaning are also a crucial stage and getting it right can mean the difference between a fussy child, and a lot of upset, or a happy child who is comfortable eating a wide variety of foods. Having the options explained along with expert guidance and support will make the process much easier.


3 appointments £180

Additional appointments can be arranged if required at £50 per session.

A gift voucher can be arranged if you are a prospective grandparent and wish to gift this package.

Nourishing you and the baby.

My coaching package has three consultations

1. Nourish your pregnancy
2. Eating for post birth recovery and breastfeeding
3. Healthy, happy weaning and family eating

nutritional advice for pregnancy - baby in a high chair

Supporting you at this special time in your life is a huge privilege and I hope will make decisions around food easier for you, whilst also laying the foundations for healthy and happy family meal times.

If you have a chronic health condition or food sensitivities then it is best to see me for a Nutritional Therapy consultation, so that your full health history can be considered.

Do contact me for a short discussion if you are interested in this coaching package and I will be delighted to hear from you.


I contacted Shirley through a friend’s recommendation when I found out I was pregnant. We arranged a Skype call as I was keen to find out the best way to eat and stay healthy through my pregnancy, particularly as I am vegetarian.

Shirley worked with my existing diet advising me how to get more nutrition from my food without making massive changes, what I should avoid eating, and how to avoid putting on too much extra weight. I have found Shirley’s suggestions quite easy to implement and feel a lot healthier for them.

My doctor identified a vitamin B12 deficiency and Shirley guided me on increasing my intake and when I was re-tested I was no longer deficient. Shirley also recommended the nutrients that are important for the baby’s development including omega 3. As I don’t eat fish she advised me about vegetarian sources. Shirley mostly recommends food but I am also taking a small number of supplements to support my pregnancy and it’s great to have these professionally recommended, so that I know they are exactly what I need, for the baby and me.

I have so far had a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thank you Shirley for your continued support.


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