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Shirley Briars


I studied for four years at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London’s leading college of nutrition, graduating with distinction in 2011. I am fully qualified to practise Nutritional Therapy and am registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) practitioner registers.

I am also a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and have completed Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice training. As well as running my nutrition practice I am part of the academic team at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and lecture on their Nutritional Therapy Diploma course and BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy degree programme as a Partner Associate Lecturer for the University of Portsmouth.

Shirley Briars Nutrition is based in Hadleigh, Essex, which is near Southend on Sea. I see clients for one to one consultations at my private clinic but also work with clients throughout the UK via Zoom or telephone (All consultations are currently being held remotely due to Covid-19.)

My mission is to guide and inspire you to take control of your nutrition and to eat in a way that will really nourish your body and keep you well. Life can be tough especially when you feel unwell and I love that my job is about helping you to identify what needs to change, to help you feel better. It’s not about being perfect but being empowered to make better choices and simple additions that can work for you, which will add to your nourishment and make a positive difference to your health and how you feel. My main focus is to help you to develop your best relationship with food and to understand how your meals can work for you and nourish you to support your health and that of your family. Nutritional Therapy is powerful and helps you to take control to support your health now and for the future.

Shirley Briars

“If you change nothing, nothing will change”

Tony Robbins

As well as offering Nutritional Therapy, I have integrated Metabolic Balance® into my practice. Through laboratory testing to determine specific blood markers, this coached programme offers highly personalised and effective health and nutrition plans for weight management and hormone balance. You can read more on my Metabolic Balance® page.

My personal testimonial

I love food now, but I wasn’t naturally very interested and for many years my diet wasn’t particularly healthy or nutritious. I had a busy job and a busy life and food wasn’t a priority. I cooked from time to time but mostly relied on quick and easy meals and my cooking skills and desire to cook were limited. As a result I neglected to nourish myself, as I hadn’t yet made the connection that healthy food makes a healthy body. In my 30s my skin suffered, I slept poorly and generally felt stressed, run down and tired all the time.

With a growing family and feeling a bit out of my depth at mealtimes, I started reading about nutrition and slowly started to connect the dots and understand that it wasn’t just about the practical aspects of cooking and feeding my family, but that my eating habits were contributing to the way I was feeling and that I could change things for the better. I had the opportunity to see a Nutritional Therapist myself and was hooked. A strong desire to learn more led me to change my career and study nutrition. I now understand just how closely linked food choices and diet are with all aspects of health and can make a big difference to how you think and feel. It’s a continuing journey of personal learning, but I have never looked back.

This year I have learnt through genetic nutrition testing that my genes predispose me to inflammatory conditions. With a family history of cardiovascular disease, which is now largely accepted to be an inflammatory condition, this knowledge has enabled me to tailor my own diet to include foods which help to moderate inflammation in the body. I am also working on my lifestyle, prioritising time for exercise, reducing stress levels and getting more sleep, which all help to reduce inflammation. It’s great to feel in control of my health destiny rather than leaving it to chance and hoping for the best.

Domino Effect

Learning to love and cook healthy food and understanding the powerful therapeutic benefits that different foods offer, which have helped me to feel so much better, inspires me in my job to help others feel the same and to reap the benefits. My biggest hope is that by working with me over time, you will gain a meaningful insight into the power of natural foods and develop an understanding of how they can be incorporated into your life to nourish yourself and improve your health. I hope you will be empowered to share what you learn with your family and friends. The more people that are inspired to eat well, the better. My hope is that this creates a domino effect improving the nutrition and health of you, your family, your friends and ultimately future generations! So pass on what you learn to your friends and family.

Yours in nourished health

Learn more about BANT registered Nutritionists and the work that we do by watching this video:

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